Posted on May 6, 2021

London Denture Care ( Same Day New Denture or Repairs)

Most common enquiry: -
I have lost a tooth and it is affecting my confidence, Implants are expensive and very invasive and I am not ready for it yet.
Meanwhile, can I get Dentures or is it meant only for people who have no Teeth?
Will it be stable or will it fall out?
Can I eat with them? Will I lisp?
Patients are traumatized with the impact of losing teeth.
I have to comfort them but at the same time I practice 'Honesty is the best Policy.'
First step is a thorough consultation with the Dentist and referral followed by an exam with Clinical dental technician. (All these is carried out at the same premises)

Yes, you can wear partial dentures if you are missing a tooth or few Teeth.
I advise my patient to eat everything apart from rock solid hard nuts.
Speech changes must be expected, but If made correctly it should be very minimal and my patients gets used to it in no time.
I am a pessimist when it comes to 1st consultation but then I work hard and deliver something that is widely appreciated and the success rate is very high.
For more info dm us or call us on 07703010446. Alternatively, visit our website at
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